I’ll start out by wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a Joyous Holiday Season!  In Brentwood, there is plenty of holiday cheer to go around, and we have much to be thankful for as we move from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

One of my favorite traditions is the lighting of the Christmas Tree at Brentwood library.  This year we are doing it at 5:30pm on Monday, December 4th, and includes music, hot chocolate, and a reading of the Polar Express Tim Burgin (registration is required for the reading).

Other traditions include:

We are incredibly blessed to live in this fine city, here in one of the most prosperous counties located in the most successful country in the history of the world.

That said, I understand that with my job as a City Commissioner comes responsibility for helping to continue our success and address opportunities for improvement in our community.

As always, your perspective and feedback is important to me, and you can reach me at either Nelson.Andrews@BrentwoodTN.gov if it’s not “on fire” and 615-917-1384 (voice or text) if it is.

Sincere thanks to friends who contribute to the process of creating this newsletter.

Old Smyrna Road

If you’ve been reading my regular newsletters, you know Old Smyrna Road has been on our mind for quite a while.  It represents both an important east-west connection and is also one of the last truly scenic roads reminding us of our roots.

With narrow lanes, no shoulders, and deteriorating edges, it is also a problem that is getting worse. Brentwood has been looking at this periodically since the early 1990’s but the tricky nature of this road inspired previous commissioners to do nothing and leave Old Smyrna Road in its original state.  Unfortunately, this is no longer a responsible option.

Historic Old Smyrna Road

Earlier this year, we contracted with Sullivan Engineering to see what it would take to balance our two seemingly contradictory goals: improving the road and preserving its character.  At our September 21st commission briefing, Dickie Sullivan, President of Sullivan Engineering, gave a well-received presentation.  Mr. Sullivan talks through several options, and you can find a video of the full presentation here starting 30 minutes in.

The option that seemed to appeal most to your commission uses existing right-of-way to create a modern road to the north of the current Old Smyrna roadbed, and it preserves the most scenic portion of historic Old Smyrna Road as a “linear park” for pedestrians and cyclists.

Old Smyrna Road configuration with a modern road to the north and the historic road preserved as a linear park

This approach allows us to bring Old Smyrna Road up to modern standards without creating something like a second Concord Road.  As it turns out, it appears moving the road to the new location is also less expensive than improving the current roadbed.

While working through details, Sullivan Engineering also took into account safety concerns and the pace of traffic.  Their presentation included several features to calm traffic, maintain driveway access for current resident, and to keep both pedestrians and drivers safe.

Old Smyrna Road private drive access and traffic calming

The idea is that by improving this road, we can make it safer while preserving the scenic beauty of our community.  If done well, it also might take some pressure off of Concord Road by improving this alternative east-west route in a safe, responsible way.

The estimated cost of this project is $16 million total, split into two phases with $9.6 million for the western segment and $6.4 million for the eastern segment.  This money is not currently in our capital budget, and if we decide to pursue this improvement to our road system, we will need to figure out how to fit it in with other projects and funding.

If you have thoughts on this, I can be reached at Nelson.Andrews@BrentwoodTN.gov or 615.917.1384, and you can find contact information for all the commissioners here.

Mountain Bike Trail Work Day Dec 9

At the October workday, Bike Walk Brentwood and Citizens for Brentwood Greenspace had over 75 participate.

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If you’ve read down this far, you are clearly also an important part of what makes Brentwood “Brentwood”.  Thank you very much for your interest and engagement!  I’ll take this second opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a Joyous Holiday Season!

Nelson Andrews, Brentwood City Commissioner

Nelson Andrews
City of Brentwood
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