Tomorrow (May 2nd) is election day for Brentwood’s City Commission, and as I ask to serve another term, it is also an opportunity to reflect on what makes Brentwood “Brentwood.”

Growing up here, it seemed obvious.  Brentwood is that area between Franklin and Nashville that seemed to have the “best of both worlds”.  Even in the early 1980’s when Brentwood was a teenager, people knew about “The Brentwood Bubble”.  While my parents and their friends were trying to do things like get the BHS library accredited, establish a tax base and figure out what the city wanted to be when it grew up, there was already something special about Brentwood.

During my first term on Brentwood City Commission, I’ve been thinking about this in more specific terms. I live here, work here, and three generations of my family as well as a good number of my friends live in 37027.  While I truly enjoy my work on Brentwood City Commission, I also feel the weight of the responsibility to keep the “Brentwood Magic” alive.  While some seem to think that it happens automatically and that we just have to prevent any changes, my experience is that it is more a case of focusing on what matters and committing to those things in an evolving world.  We have to keep our eyes on the outcomes more than preserving specific tactics.

I think there are really 5 core pillars supporting Brentwood’s Success as a community:

  • Brentwood is Collaborative: our tightly-knit community works together to efficiently solve problems.  Whenever possible, we partner with organizations outside City Government such as businesses, non-profits, and Williamson County to supplement our resources.  This allows us to deliver programs and amenities such as Eddy Arnold Amphitheater, Smith Park, youth sports, and a fantastic summer concert series while keeping taxes low.
  • Brentwood Life is Centered around Community Activities: Whether it is our churches, schools, youth sports, our outstanding library, parks, or programs, our community is largely organized around multi-generational community activities that families and friends participate in together.  While the City of Brentwood does not run all these programs, our city does commit resources and support that allows activities to thrive inside our community.

As we continue to look forward to Brentwood’s future, I believe it is important to keep these five pillars in mind as we weigh decisions.  I think these values speak to the challenges we take on, the options we choose to pursue and also the ideas we consider but decline.

I appreciate input and feedback from our community, as always.  Please take a minute to share your thoughts with me and let me know if this is consistent with your Brentwood experience.  I can be reached by email at Nelson.Andrews@BrentwoodTN.gov or by voice or text at 615-917-1384.

Please make the time to vote tomorrow, and I am asking for your support and your vote.

Nelson Andrews
Vice Mayor
City of Brentwood TN
615-917-1384 (call or text)

Nelson Andrews, Vice Mayor of Brentwood TN

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