Endorsement by The Sargent Legacy Fund

Sargent Legacy Fund
P.O. Box 11515
Franklin, TN 37065


The Sargent Legacy Fund announced its inaugural endorsements for candidates in the Brentwood City Commission race.  The Sargent Legacy Fund is a political action committee focusing on local, Williamson County and city elections.  The Fund intends to support candidates and causes that Charles would have supported.  A strong believer that local governments are better equipped to address local issues, Charles fought for limited government, lower taxes and better funding for education.  The Sargent Legacy Fund is a non-partisan seeking to support the best candidates to further Charles’ view.

The Sargent Legacy Fund is pleased to endorse Anne Dunn and Nelson Andrews for Brentwood City Commission.  These candidates have exhibited the level of community involvement, fiscal responsibility and support for education to earn the unqualified support of an organization named for Charles Sargent.  “The Board of the Sargent Legacy Fund is confident that Charles would support these candidates for Brentwood City Commission,” said Fund Chairman Ken Young.  “In fact, Charles had a personal history with these candidates that make this endorsement easy.”

Anne Dunn is an experienced City Commissioner with a strong record of support for education and preserving the quality of life for the citizens of Brentwood.   Anne has committed herself to improving Brentwood and has exhibited the type of leadership the Sargent Legacy Fund supports.  We endorse Anne without reservation.

While Nelson Andrews is new to the campaign trail, no one can question his civic involvement and commitment to Brentwood and Williamson County.  Nelson is committed to supporting the Williamson County School System and providing the best educational opportunity for the children of Brentwood.  The Sargent Legacy Fund is pleased to give its unqualified endorsement of this fine community leader.

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