The Issues

I am running for a seat on the Brentwood City Commission because I love our city.  There is a standard in Brentwood — a way we do things — that we must preserve as we welcome new families and businesses. I grew up here, work here, and enjoy the pleasure of raising my family in Brentwood. I want to protect Brentwood’s quality of life,  our outstanding schools and our wonderful neighborhoods.

As a son, husband, father, community leader, and businessman of Brentwood, I believe it is my duty to serve our community, continue what makes Brentwood unique and welcome  opportunities to keep Brentwood remarkable.

Maintain Brentwood’s Unique Identity

People come to and stay in Brentwood for the promise of a beautiful community, great school system, convenient transit, and cost-effective governance.  As a commissioner, it will be my responsibility to protect the Brentwood “Dream” and carry it forward for future generations.

Keeping our overall density at one home per acre, protecting our hills, and preserving our water quality is critical.

Keep Brentwood Green

Our park system is one of Brentwood’s “Crown Jewels”.  To keep Brentwood both beautiful and healthy, I am committed to keeping our park system great and will look for opportunities to expand not just city parks, but also privately maintained green spaces.  With a unique combination of modern amenities, beautiful scenery and historic sites, we must continue to work hard to keep them all in good balance.

Improve Brentwood’s Mobility

Congestion is a widespread problem that could find improvements through road improvements, technology, mobility options, and forward-thinking employment practices.  As a commissioner, I will work to assure a mobile community the links people with home, work, services, and recreation.

Retain Brentwood’s residential character and 1-acre Density

People come to Brentwood because of its unique character, and our approach to neighborhoods and residential living is critical to that.  We must protect that as our region grows.

Support Schools

As an ardent supporter of strong schools, I will continue to support Brentwood City Commission’s Investment in our schools.  Furthermore, I will use whatever resources I have at my disposal to advocate for our schools with the Williamson County Commission and School Board, as well as seek to develop public-private partnerships that can further improve the educational experience of these students.

Sustain the Quality of our Existing Commercial Developments

Commercial development should be limited to the existing areas in the northern and southern ends of the City. At the same time, we must also protect and enhance the existing commercial areas which equate to 5% of the total land in Brentwood that generates almost 60% of the general fund tax revenue. We must maintain strong development standards and be fair and consistent in their enforcement.

Government as a Part of our Lives

Brentwood’s City government works well today because it stays focused on maintaining and improving core municipal services. Brentwood should continue to be the leader among Tennessee cities in providing excellent services such as police, fire, public works, parks, library, water/sewer, and land use planning.  We must continue to budget conservatively and keep the property tax rate as low as possible, while maintaining adequate reserves in the bank for unanticipated needs.

As a part of the greater community, it is important to be a part of the regional conversation. Brentwood should strive to maintain good working relationships with Williamson County and other adjacent cities.