Two candidates say they are planning on running for Brentwood City Commission

After two Brentwood City Commissioners announced they won’t run for reelection next year, two potential candidates announced they are planning to run.

Current Brentwood City Commissioner Ken Travis said he will run for reelection next year. Nelson Andrews, the president of Andrews Transportation Group, also said he’s planning on picking up a petition to run for City Commission.

Brentwood will have four City Commission seats up for election in May 2019. Mayor Jill Burgin and Commissioner Betsy Crossley said they won’t run for reelection.

Commissioners serve four-year terms. Elections are held for three or four seats on the seven-seat Commission every two years. Candidates can pick up a petition to run for City Commission on December 27.

Travis was elected Commissioner in May 2015. He will finish his first term next year, which will be his first as an elected official. He also is the president of the Willowick Home Owners Association, and serves on the Planning Commission.

If reelected, Travis said he wants to be careful with the few undeveloped areas of town that still remain.

“I think we have to have responsible and properly planned growth. I don’t think we have a lot of land left, land is dwindling. What we have, we have to continue to use in the right manner,” he said. “I am a huge supporter of one acre zoning. I believe strongly in one acre zoning.”

Travis retired before becoming a Commissioner, but previously worked for General Electric Healthcare for nearly four decades. He moved to Nashville with his wife Rhonda and his two daughters in 1978, and has lived in Brentwood since 2001.

Andrews has lived in Brentwood for nearly his whole life, but this would be his first time running for elected office.

With two vacant City Commission seats, he said it felt like a good time to run for office. He said he’s contributed to the community in other ways, and wanted to use some of his ideas on the City Commission.

“I think having appropriate land use and retaining the residential character of Brentwood is really important while encouraging a healthy business community and having a good balance,” he said.

Andrews is the president of Andrews Transportation Group, which includes Andrews Cadillac and Jaguar Land Rover Nashville.

As a car salesman, he said he thinks a lot about transportation and how to reduce traffic congestion as Brentwood grows. He also hopes to preserve green space and parks in Brentwood.

With Travis’ announcement, Anne Dunn is the only sitting Commissioner who hasn’t announced whether or not she’ll run for reelection. And she’d like to keep it that way, at least until after Christmas.

“I firmly believe that most people would like a little vacation from politics and campaigns right now,” she wrote in an email.  “I will be making my formal announcement after the holidays.  I plan on enjoying Christmas right now.” 


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