As vaccinations are rolling out and most people are eligible to receive them, I’m glad to see our community getting back to a more-familiar feel.

The storms over the weekend were quite severe. I hope you and your family made it through alright. The City of Brentwood has a process to assess storm damage and you can access it using this link. This process does not dispatch repairs or emergency assistance, but it is used to help determine potential eligibility for disaster aid.

Brentwood City Commission works hard to make the best use of your tax dollars. Over the next several months, we will be reviewing the Capital Improvement Program for 2022-2027. This is a very important process, and both your elected officials and our city staff take it very seriously.

As always, your perspective and comments are very important to me, and I want to encourage you to contact me at either if it’s not “on fire” and 615-917-1384 (voice or text) if it is.


Tennessee Department of Health Gives Detail on Vaccination Plans

Vaccination Detail from the City of Brentwood
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations Now Available for All Residents Aged 16 and Older

  • The Williamson County Health Department offers COVID-19 vaccination by appointment.
  • To book your appointment:
  1. Visit
  2. Click the blue “Proceed to COVID-19 questionnaire” button at the bottom of the page to start your registration.

CSX Trains parked behind County Club Estates and on the Turner Property

  • You may have noticed trains parked near Country Club Estates, Green Pasture Farm (The Turner Property), and Wikle Park in Brentwood.
  • As has happened with many things this year, CSX Railroads is having to work hard to adjust to big fluctuations in demand for their services. Because of the load on Radnor Yard, they are having to park trains in areas where we don’t typically see them.
  • CSX and the City of Brentwood are having an ongoing conversation about how to improve the process for residents. The Turner Family has been helpful and generous in granting access to their property to help CSX by providing additional options and flexibility.
  • While it is a work in process, we are optimistic about the progress we are making to reduce the noise and inconvenience to residents as much as we possibly can.

Brentwood’s Best Ash — $2,500+ of prizes available

City Commission Election

Dates for the 2021 City of Brentwood Commission Election
  • May 4, 2021 is Election Day for Brentwood’s City Commission.

  • Brentwood has 7 commissioners who serve staggered 4-year terms with 3 seats up for reelection this year and the other 4 in 2023.
  • On the ballot are:
  1. Mayor Rhea Little
  2. Former Mayor Regina Smithson
  3. Mark Gorman
  4. Gina Gunn

Old Smyrna Road and Alternatives

  • Old Smyrna Road on the northeast side of Brentwood is one of our remaining unimproved roads with narrow lanes, no shoulders, and stacked-stone walls. People generally perceive it as elegant, challenging, sentimental, congested, dangerous, or a mix of all these elements.

  • Old Smyrna is a City Road – not county or state – and any changes will be funded using resources from the City of Brentwood — local tax dollars.
  • As Williamson County continues to grow, Old Smyrna Road will likely be more and more in the spotlight.
  • As a community, Brentwood will have to choose between:
  1. Committing significant tax dollars to drastically increase the capacity of the road, which could also drastically change the feel and character of this area of Brentwood.
  2. Committing significant tax dollars to preserve the character of this road while somewhat improving the safety and capacity of this road.
  3. Committing to spending few tax dollars and keeping this road historic, but understanding the limits this will place on capacity and drivability.
  • Old Smyrna was studied about 20 years ago, and the decision at the time was to leave it alone.
  • If you have feedback on this that you would like to share with me, I’d welcome your input if you can send it to me at

LED Lighting for Streetlights in Brentwood

  • Streetlights in the City of Brentwood are aging and, if you look closely, are different styles depending on when they were purchased and installed.

  • Because of their age and technology, our streetlights are getting more and more expensive to power and maintain.
  • We are working on options with NES and Middle Tennessee Electric to update our system to LED lighting to help make our lighting more efficient and reliable.
  • As we move through the process, we will have decisions to make on the color temperature of the light and will also be looking at the impact on night skies. More on this topic can be found at International Dark-Sky Association.
  • If you have any experience or thoughts on this you would like to share, please email me at

YMCA and One Brentwood

YMCA One Brentwood Program



This Month’s Focus: Long Term Large Investments in the Brentwood Community

Your Board of Commissioners is getting ready to start the process of reviewing our 5-year capital plan. We have the first draft of the plan for Fiscal Years 2022-2027 and have scheduled meetings to review and discuss our options.

Formal public hearings on this will take place at the City Commission Meetings on May 24, June 14, and June 28, 2021. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts with me at

The primary focus of this program is to identify and address infrastructure, facility, and equipment needs and then set a plan to address them.

The Big Picture Capital Spending is:

  • Transportation — $62,975,000 (45.6%)
  • Utilities — $26,365,000 (24.4%)
  • Facilities & Equipment — $22,895,000 (16.6%)
  • Parks & Rec — $7,700,000 (5.6%)
  • Technology — $7,090,000 (5.1%)
  • Storm Drainage — $1,000,000 (0.7%)

Large Projects in Brentwood include:

Money to pay for all this comes from:

  • 72% comes from local sources on a “pay-as-you-go” basis using local sources (commercial sales tax, commercial property tax, residential property tax, impact fees, etc).
  • 14% comes from inter-governmental funding sources.
  • 14% comes from the issuance of General Obligation and Water/Sewer Bonds.

The City of Brentwood currently has the highest possible bond rating from two major rating agencies – Moody’s Investors Service Aaa and Standard and Poor’s AAA. This puts the City in an excellent position to issue bonds over the next 6 years and receive favorable terms.

The detail on the Capital Improvement Program is well over 100 pages, and I will post a link to the full document once it becomes available on the website. Over the next several months, your City Commissioners will be going through it and the annual budget in detail to make sure we are putting your tax dollars to their best use in our community.

If you would like to reach out with some comments or feedback, please do so to


Thank you again for all your support!


Nelson Andrews
Brentwood City Commissioner
“From Brentwood, For Brentwood”

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