From Brentwood.  For Brentwood.

I’ve lived in Brentwood the majority of my life.  We chose to raise our family here and work here.  I’ve seen a lot of change through the years, but my friends, neighbors and city leaders have worked to keep a small town feel in a rapidly changing area.  I want to work hard for the people of this amazing place we call home.

Many of my early memories of Brentwood center around what was then Northside Jr. High (now Brentwood Middle) and Brentwood High School.  After Brentwood High was built, our family was one of the ones who worked to improve our school’s curb appeal by working with the city, county, and local businesses to raise money and plant the trees you see there now.  This experience was the start of seeing how well public-private partnerships can work to

Serving the community has always been a priority for me.  Some of those opportunities include President of the Crockett Elementary PTO, Brentwood Blaze coach, Ravenwood 6MC and Red Zone, and Board Chair for United Way Williamson County.  Please find more detail about my education and experience at LinkedIn.

I want to continue to share my passion for our city and the knowledge that comes with living in Brentwood almost continuously since 1978.  To me, it is both a duty and an honor to help continue to make our city a better place to live, work, make friends, raise a family, and spend time with grandchildren.

As a son, husband, father, community leader, and businessman of Brentwood, I will work hard  to serve our community, continue what makes Brentwood unique, welcome new opportunities  and keep Brentwood moving forward.